BiTaksi - Cebindeki Taksi App Reviews

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Best Taxi

Best choice of taxi in Istanbul, theyre liable and safe.

Very useful

Even though apple makes it almost impossible to write a review, i spent time to say that this app is very useful and all the drivers i came across were very friendly


No more problem with the taxi ;)


Great Service! A good way to go.


Enjoyed the service and the driver was respectful...


Perfect app! You can also pay by credit card easily. App is in English also.


it really works, very practical

BiTaksi In Turkey

Great application to find a cab anywhere in Turkey. Much like Hailo and Uber but BiTaksi is the app to use if youre in Turkey.

28.03.2016 update

after the update, location services option has become either always on or never. i hate it when apps dont allow the users to have the option of while using the app - unfortuantely i will not be using the app from now on..

Great app, for istanbul

Works great in istanbul, very user friendly

Kredi karti problemi / Credit card issue

Uygulamanin su an gordugum tek kotu yani sadece yurtici kredi karti kabul etmesi. The app only accepts domestic credit cards. Other than that i loved the idea. You know who the driver is, what the license plate is and the cost of the trip beforehand.

Perfect app for istanbul

Thanks guys

Best app for Istanbul

- Who is your driver, the information in your hands. - Does you called, "No I will not go there" does not. - The meter is running you pick it up. - Application from where, for how long-fee, will tell you how many miles you want. - If you want to pay by credit card. - There is left inside the opposite side of the edge of the aberration that comes out here there is no need to describe the subject of your hand, our taxi driver. - şoförünüz kim, bilgisi elinizde. - çağırdınız mı geliyor, "yok ben oraya gitmem" demiyor. - taksimetreyi sizi alınca çalıştırıyor. - uygulama nereden nereye, ne kadar süre-ücret, kaç km olduğunu isterseniz size söylüyor. - istersen kredi kartı ile öde. - oradan sapınca buradan çıkınca şunun karşısının soldan içerisinin köşesinin yanı diye tarif etmenize gerek yok, konumuz taksicinizin elinde. - "bitaksi" taksicileri de uygulamadan memnun.


Absolutely terrific. My only feedback would be to add a "Notes" field to the pickup address. That way passengers can specify details like "A Blok Daire 5" so drivers can find it better.

Great App for Istanbul

Much better, more convenient and more secure than hailing a cab.

You should try it

Really you should

Best taxi app in İstanbul

Great app but not very precise for arriving time during rush hours expect this it is very comfortable to live in Istanbul

Problems with foreign credit cards

BiTaxi is an amazing helpful app but I have constant problems when paying with a foreign credit card(not from Turkey) thats not American Express. I wish they would work it out with their bank as I can never make a transaction go through.

Unreliable. Worked the first time didnt work the second time.

Update: The second time that I used the app, the Paypal amount did not go through despite three attempts and the cab driver got annoyed and I paid him in cash. Unreliable app.

Lifesaver for me battery killer for my iphone

Love using bitaksi - just feel pretty anxious during the trip because of the dramatic battery drain it causes - and it doesnt let me turn off location sharing without causing a problem during the trip. it really necessary to track me during the trip? Thanks for saving the day on countless cashless days!

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